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The CPA Evolution Project Realigns the Professional Certification and Challenges Accounting’s Viability as a Stand-alone Major


In the long run, AI will not microsoft 365 developer podcast accountants due to powerful forces such as entrenched professional jurisdictions, cost/benefit tradeoffs of automation, and nature of the work itself. In this article, I will analyze the impact of AI on the accounting industry which will also serve as a framework for many other industries as well. There always will be a need for that human element – human intelligence – at the other end of AI technology. In fact, according to leading research firm, GartnerOpens a new window, AI is set to create more jobs than it will replace, leaving workers, including accountants with options. In fact, experts anticipate that as many as 800 million jobsOpens a new window could be replaced with AI technology by the year 2030.


Every company needs to undergo periodic audits to ensure that everything is above the board and that all the data is in place and accurate. Usually, an inspection would call for a massive search of file cabinets for different kinds of documents, which would almost certainly result in errors. Once the AI has learned the accounting code for each invoice, a digital system can track invoices quickly, identify errors accurately, and add up the final totals more efficiently than an accountant can. Tracking accounts payable and receivable can be a cumbersome task for any accountant. Most companies, therefore, incorporate an AI-powered invoice management system into their workflow. An MIT-Boston Consulting Group survey revealed that 79% of people believe that technology enhances a company’s productivity, while over 80% believe that the use of AI adds a competitive advantage.

Accountants of the future will be able to use and evaluate AI data to deliver smart business solutions to their clients instead of spending hours on mundane activities. Accountants’ liability risk will be reduced as a result of AI technology. Accounting procedures that used to take hours or days, AI can finish those now more correctly in no time. AI in accounting and finance solutions will help out finance experts and their companies stay spirited. Also, it’s a magnet for the next generation of employees and customers. Work that used to be done by hand – things like journal entries and invoices – can now be automatically generated by computer programs.

Improve Customer Relation

Moreover, AI can help in detecting and preventing fraud, which is a growing concern for many businesses. AI can analyze financial data and identify any anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity. This can help accountants and auditors to detect fraud earlier and to take necessary actions.


Sustainability, the umbrella term for various components of information beyond historical financial information relevant to investors and other stakeholders. Also known as Environmental, Social and Governance reporting, or the “triple bottom line” of 1) economic viability, 2) social responsibility and 3) environmental responsibility. Sustainability might be the auditing profession’s huge growth opportunity in the future. Currently, sustainability reporting is voluntary in the U.S. and many other countries, but stakeholder demand is growing significantly.

Humans Need to Analyze and Interpret AI Data

I wouldn’t say per say but I would be afraid to lose my job to someone younger when I’m in my 50s or so and then having to go on the job market at that age with the same set of salary expectation. More opportunity to move into analytics roles if you’re good with the right software packages and techniques. Everywhere still needs accountants so I don’t think we’re in danger of being obsolete. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please visit

Which Workers Suffer Most When New Technology Arrives? – Kellogg Insight

Which Workers Suffer Most When New Technology Arrives?.

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By the numbers, that is most accounting jobs that will get automated. It is anything that involves delivering hosted services via the internet. The types of cloud computing are a software as a service , platform as a service , and infrastructure as a service . If you are in the field of accounting or are currently studying to be an accountant, you should be ready to re-skill to develop your career.

The function of Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Accounting

There is also the lure of getting in with a hedge fund or proprietary trading firm & get the imm.ediate 30 + or more bump in salary/comp. The industry also overcharges and promises too little for what they actually do—$238/hr is the going rate. Those who work in the field need to turn a blind eye to morals to survive.

Connect with other professionals in a trusted, secure, environment open to Thomson Reuters customers only. According to BLS, the best states for accountant jobs differ based on different factors like employment level, salary, and concentration of jobs. The states with the highest employment level are California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Internal controls, ranging from reconciliation, authority documentation and security, exist to meet financial reporting deadlines and improve data accuracy.


If they are bored, angry or fatigued, their work will not be of a high standard. A Financial Controller will oversee the everyday operations of a company’s finance department. To be a success in the role of Financial Controller, you need to be extremely detail-oriented, with expertise in management.

Build a Diverse Professional Network

Till now, accounting as a discipline has gained much more from earlier technological advancements. Attempts at leveraging technology have been made time immemorial, from abacus to simple calculators, from the launch of digital spreadsheets in the 1970s to the emergence of accounting software and ERP software. Finance and accounting, generally considered a specialist domain, is witnessing the fast adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. Though observers on the fence are betting on the loss or creation of jobs, the disruptive potential of AI invasion is much different than what is often projected.



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There is a tremendous amount of automation that has replaced manual processes, and areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning have upended much of what was considered the CPA’s job. As financial reporting standards move from historical cost basis accounting to fair value, demand for valuation services increases. The valuation profession continues to develop professional frameworks, standards and credentialing processes. For example, purchase price allocation in an acquisition is a common valuation service well-suited to the accounting professional’s enhanced training and experience. While AI can process vast amounts of data at a rapid pace, it is not capable of the critical thinking and decision-making that human accountants are trained to do.

Inventory system handles all the availability and movement of the product. This also helps in reporting any issues regarding overstocking and understocking, therefore, a great tool to avoid any wastage of any stock. Join our community @FinTechtris for more industry content & insights (including deep dives & sector spotlights).


While there is no need to panic just yet, accounting professionals need to learn about AI and its impact on the accounting industry. This allows CPAs to bridge the gap between accountants and other financial advisors. Developments in accounting technology allow accountants to offer more accurate insights and provide their clients with valuable advice. As more data is shared electronically between accounting firms and their clients, hackers are also stepping up their games. Accounting firms need to protect themselves from cyber threats and other data security issues, including offering adequate cybersecurity training to their employees. To have remote work be successful, it is essential to have the right technology solutions, such as virtual communication tools, cloud-based accounting software, and secure online data storage and sharing.


The only thing accountants can do is to embrace this new technology and learn how to maximize its use. The better equipped you are to help your clients integrate and utilize AI technology in their accounting processes the more valuable you will be. Many of these standard tasks are extremely time-consuming, which has many accountants across the country worried about how the emerging AI technology will affect their billable hours. An even bigger concern is that AI technologies will replace the need for companies to work with accountants at all. As the world becomes more complex, businesses will require more specialized services from their accountant, which means that accountants must continually update their skill set to stay ahead of the curve. While many accounting functions can be automated, there is a lack of understanding of the technologies and resources to implement them.